Ion exchange resins

Considerable reduction of costs to lower the ph and stabilize the wine.

The stabilization is one of the crucial point in the path of the wine into the bottle, that is why we decided to improve our service, using a safe and reliable technology to remove potassium and calcium ions to get a stabilization of the treated wine.

Use of Permastab 40 Unit for Tartarate Stabilization as authorized oenological practice with the requirements of Appendix 12 of the EC Regulation no. 606/2009. With a ionic exchange in accordance with the EC Regulation 1935/2004 and with the analytical provisions of Appendix 4 of EC Regulation no. 606/2009.

The simple reaction that occurs during the treatments is:

  • (RESIN H + U) + K + -> (RESIN K + U) + H +

The lowering of the concentration of hydrogen ions allows us to use this innovative technology for:

  • ph reduction in musts
  • wines pH reduction and increase of total acidity
  • tartaric stabilization

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Ion exchange resin

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