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Passion for wines and mechanics.


The name Ca’ Ferro ® comes from the the Venetian Villa Mantovani Ferro, near to our company, built by the Venetian doges back in 1700 and located in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills ( Vo’ village in the province of Padua), this name was chosen to respect and safeguard the traditions and sacrifice that every producer makes to grow and transform the product that the vines have been offering us for centuries: the wine.

"I, Daniele Ferasin, graduated in 1995 as enotechnician, in 1997 decided to start a profession and a service born from my passion for mechanics and oenology, to protect the wine in the most delicate phase in its process: the bottling."



In this phase there are often multiple factors that, without wanting or knowing, alter the organoleptic qualities of this delicate and natural drink. For this reason I decided to set up vanguard mobile bottling lines that can carry out all the delicate bottling inner phases in the most secure and safer way.

For these reasons, the accurate choice of the partners, evaluated in a market that often offers little professionalism, was crucial to set my lines. Furthermore, thanks to many years of experience, monitoring procedures are always performed, both during and after the bottling processes, ensuring a high level service through a staff that I personally trained and supervised.

Ca’ Ferro wants to be a leader in the competence and operations that bottling process requires.

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